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Carl & Rita Johnson

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Carl ministry
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Mobilizing Latinos to Disciple the Nations


There are over 6,500 unreached people groups in the world today, and God is raising up the Spanish-speaking church to reach them. Our mission is to train and mobilize Spanish-speaking believers and churches to disciple the nations. (See the Joshua Project website for more information and for ways you can pray for unreached peoples.)


Carl has done evangelism, discipleship and church-planting among Latinos since 1987 in various places, beginning in central Los Angeles. He served10 years as a missionary in Mexico City.


He works as an instructor, translator and coordinator with the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, mobilizing Spanish-speaking believers in the U.S. and Latin America. He also collaborates as a teacher and translator with Crescent Project, an organization which trains believers to evangelize Muslims. He is also the office manager and treasurer for CFU.


Rita has served alongside Carl since they were married in 1994. She actively serves in the children’s and women’s ministries at their local bilingual church, the Iglesia Biblica of McAllen, Texas. Their adopted son Samuel was born in 2011.


You can connect with Carl and Rita on Facebook, or you can email them at

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