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News from Rob & Kathy

Encouraging Equippers

One of my chief desires is to see new generations of workers raised up for the Lord's harvest. Many pastors in our fellowship of churches are equipping people to serve the Lord in their local churches. One of my roles is to visit these pastors to encourage them, and help teach their students.

In February, I travelled to San Luis Potosí to visit Pastor Julio César Vásquez, his family and two students. The two students from the local church are Arturo, a taxi driver, and Janny (the pastor's daughter), who is studying to be a teacher. On Saturday, I taught Introduction the New Testament for several hours. They participated enthusiastically in the class.

On Sunday, I preached in the morning service from Matthew 9:35-38, to stir people to pray for workers.

Pray that God will use Julio César and many other pastors like him to raise up a new generation of workers.

Chiapas Music Project

The project Kathy initiated last year is coming to fruition. Pastor Nico Alvarez' group recorded their Tzotzil dialect CD several months ago, and started distributing it. Pastor Nico told me in February that there is very little Christian music in that particular dialect (Totzil de Huixtán).

We are so glad for this new resource for worship and evangelism.

The Spanish CD is being recorded during these weeks, all of the songs composed by six young musicians from Chiapas. (Kathy plays her cello on one of the songs.)

Pray that both recordings will stir worship in God's people, and draw unbelievers to Christ.

Little Karen

On February 8, Karen Juliette Alonzo was born to Elís and Becky in Huehuetenango, Guatemala (joining Norah and Brian). We thank God for his wonderful treasure. Kathy spent a month with their family, and I visited for five days.

Thank God with us and pray that Karen will love the Lord with her whole heart for her whole life.

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