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Dear family and friends, I trust you are finding greater and greater joy in God’s presence.

Equipping in Oaxaca I recently spent several days in Oaxaca’s capital city, teaching and preaching. In my equipping ministry, I try to practice several principles. Here are three:

Equip in a way that is reproducible by others.

On Saturday, we held a seminar for believers from the five area Iglesia Bíblica churches. We decided to do expository teaching through Paul’s letter to Titus. Teaching verse by verse through the Scripture is reproducible by anyone with good Bible study tools. Fifty four people attended the teaching. We were thankful to see believers hungry to receive the Word.

Esperanza and Samuel Avendaño

Include others in the teaching.

There is very little value in being “The Teacher,” as a missionary, but there is great value in teaching alongside our Mexican colleagues. Both they and the students see that they also bring sound doctrine. On this occasion, local pastors Raymundo Morales and Samuel Avendaño shared in the teaching.

Invest time in younger men.

Pastor Samuel is thirty-nine, and has a clear teaching gift. I spent about five hours with him one day at his home. He and his wife shared two meals with me. We discussed Scripture questions he had, trying to model good Bible study methods rather than just give him “my” answers. And we spent time studying a few verses in Ephesians.

Raymundo and Tere studied at the Bible Training Center in Reynosa

in the 1980’s and have served the Lord faithfully since then.

Pray that God will raise up many godly teachers in churches all over Mexico.

Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel. In Christ, Rob and Kathy

P.S. Arturo and Janny (whom we mentioned in our last prayer letter) recently completed their studies in the Iglesia Bíblica curriculum. Pray that God would guide them to walk in the good works He has prepared for them.

Chiapas Music Project

The second CD (in Spanish) has now been produced. Please pray that God would use both the Tzotzil and Spanish CDs to stir worship in believer’s hearts and draw unbelievers to Christ.

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